Year 6 - Mrs Crawford

Year 6 Long Term Planning

  • Welcome to Y6 2018 – 2019





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    We will be doing PE on a Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure that all children have a full PE kit for every lesson: this includes a white T-shirt, navy or black shorts and PE shoes. If your child is unable to participate due to medical reasons, please bring in a signed note explaining why.

    During the summer months, trainers are allowed when PE takes place outside. For the safety of all pupils, jewellery must be removed- stud earrings (that cannot be removed) must be covered with tape. 

    Swimming is finished for this term, thank you for all those who brought their kit and participated.

    Important Dates


    • 4th February – Parents Evening – To discuss current SATS provision and targets for your child.
    • 7th March – World Book Day (celebrations all week, culminating in ‘Book and Butty’ with Y6 on Friday the 8th of March)
    • 28th March – Attending “We Will Rock You” at St. Hilds.
    • 13th May to 16th May – SATS dates
    • 22nd to 24th May – Edinburgh trip


    • Reading books will be sent home daily and children are expected to read at least three times a week for a minimum of ten minutes. PLEASE get the kids to record their reading and bring their book each day
    • Children are encouraged to learn the times tables that they are working on each week. They will be tested on these on 3 times a week and questions will include both multiplication questions (4 X 8=32 ) and corresponding division facts (32 divided by 8 =4 ). These are essential facts needed in Y6 to help with arithmetic tests. Help the kids learn them!!!
    • Spellings will be sent home on a Friday and children will be tested on these on the following Friday. It is essential that time is set aside for them to learn these spellings over the course of the week.
    • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, if we can support we will. 


    Revision Guides

    Children have been given revision guides to work on at home to support their SATS preparation. Each week specific skills have been identified in arithmetic, maths reasoning and reading. They will be required to complete the tasks and hand in before the target Monday of the following week. Should your child have difficulty in meeting this requirement, further support will be given to them in school.


    In addition to the revision guides children will be given key words/spellings, times-tables or other skills activities to boost basic skills, it is also advised that the child reads at home daily.