Year 4 - Mrs Taylor

  • Year 4 Long Term Planning

    This term we are learning about…..

  • The expectation in Year 4 is that children manage their own learning at home. Every term a homework sheet, including this terms spellings will be sent home. The children are advised to practise 4 or 5 spellings a week. These spellings will then be tested on a Monday.
    The children are asked to also access Rockstars times tables and Bug club online to support their maths and reading.
  • In our class we have PE on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon. The PE topic for this half term is Athletics. Please make sure a full PE kit is in school on those days.
  • This half terms spellings are:


  • These are the spellings were are going to be learning this half term. They are based around the Y4 National Curriculum statutory words and spelling pattern requirements.
    Summer 2 Week 1- moderation, suggestion, explosion, station, infusion, persuasion, electrician, musician
    Summer 2 Week 2- fabulous, enormous, disastrous, joyous, nervous, ridiculous, momentous, numerous, jealous, adventurous
    Summer 2 Week 3- misbehave, mishap, unkind, unfriendly, disagree, disobey
    Summer 2 Week 4- knot, not, their, there, they’re, brake, break, he’ll, heal, heel
    Summer 2 Week 5- happily, angrily, gently, simply, basically, frantically, dramatically, comically
  • Summer 1

    Week 1 – x

    Week 2- Cameron

    Week 3- Mollie & Lilah

    Week 4-

    Week 5-

    week 6-



  • Look how hard we work in Year 4…