Team Inclusion

  • The support provided for the pupils at West View Primary School is really a massive team effort but special mention should be made of the following people:

    Mrs Natalie Boagey

    Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Coordinator

    I am responsible for managing Special Educational Needs and disability (SEND) provision throughout school.  As SENDCo, my primary responsibility is ensuring the SEND policy is implemented by all members of our staff.  Working closely with the Headteacher, Leadership team, Inclusion Officer, Learning Support Teacher, teachers and support staff, I co-ordinate the school’s provision for our SEND children to ensure they receive an inclusive education with the correct adult support.  This includes being responsible for the deployment of one-to-one support staff, liaising with parents as well as outside agencies.  A huge part of my role is to work with external agencies to assist in the assessment of children’s needs and to ensure the correct support is provided by both school and the authority.

    The SENDCo, supported by ‘Team Inclusion’ also has responsibility for:

    • Ensuring liaison with parents and other professionals in respect of children with Special Educational Needs;
    • Advising and supporting other practitioners in the setting;
    • Ensuring that appropriate Individual Education Plans are in place;
    • Ensuring that relevant background information about individual children with special educational needs is collected, recorded and updated.
    • Ensuring a smooth transition into the next stage of education for every child.


    • ‘There has always been support for me when I have needed it’ I have been helped by the SENDCo and the Inclusion officer when I have had difficulties with my son’s behaviour.’

      Parent of Year 6 Pupil
    • “Thank you for taking the time to work with me and helping me to reach my target.”

      Pupil to Teaching Assistant
    • “Thank you for your support, guidance and encouragement in helping me to complete the Positive Parenting course and enabling me to believe in myself.”

      Parent to Michelle Clarke
    • “The support that I received for my son when he transitioned to secondary school was fantastic. I was really worried that he would not settle in at secondary but the early transition worked very well for him. Thank you West View.”

      Parent to Inclusion Manager
    • “Michelle has helped me with strategies to help me manage my child’s behaviour at home. She is so friendly and approachable.”

      Parent to Educational Psychologist
    • “The Speech & Language Therapists are valued members of our team at West View Primary School. Thank you for being so approachable and for caring about each and every one of our children.”

      Mrs Boagey, SENDCo
    • “Gemma works with me and Mrs Wilkinson every week. She has helped me so much. I can hear so much more now.”

      Hearing Impaired Pupil
  • Mrs Jacqui Rogers

    Learning Support Teacher

    I am the Learning Support teacher in school. My role involves me carrying out diagnostic assessments of individual children.  I meet with parents and staff to support them in implementing the actions/advice in my reports. I support teachers in planning and reviewing Individual Education Plans at the beginning and end of each term.


    Mrs Michelle Clarke

    Inclusion Manager

    I am the Inclusion Manager at West View Primary school. I lead on all matters of inclusion across the school. I manage an inclusion team that offer support to children suffering from bereavement, anxiety or behavioural difficulties.  I liaise very closely with outside agencies to ensure our children receive the very best support. I also monitor attendance and punctuality and am responsible for the improvement of pupil attendance across the school. Parents are directed to me to provide a solution / give support where needed.


    Inclusion Assistant

    I am an inclusion and parent support assistant at West View.  I support families with attendance.  I complete 1st day response and monitor registers daily.  As part of the inclusion team I assist with behaviour and parental support.


    Mrs Michelle Taylor Brown

    Educational Psychologist

    Educational Psychologists work with children and with their teachers, parents / carers and other professionals involved, e.g. doctors, social workers. Educational Psychologists work to find solutions to difficulties children and young people may be experiencing. This might be difficulties with learning, social and emotional development or behaviour, to name a few! Sometimes they work with the children and young people but sometimes they work only with the adults in the children’s lives. 

    Schools and other agencies (e.g. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Speech and Language Therapy Service) are able to request the involvement of an Educational Psychologist with an individual child if they have permission from the child’s parents. A meeting will then be arranged with an Educational Psychologist to talk about why people are concerned about the child or young person and what is currently going well for them. Together a plan will be made and different people will agree to do different things. Another meeting will be held around six weeks later to see how things have changed.

    In between the meetings the Educational Psychologist may :

    • Talk to the child / young person about how they are feeling about a situation or about themselves.
    • Talk to adults in the child / young person’s life
    • Observe the child / young person at home or school to help understand the child / young person’s behaviour
    • Complete assessments of the child / young person’s learning / development in different areas
    • Work with the child / young person to help them find a way forward in difficult situations e.g. finding ways to deal with being angry / helping them overcome worries


    Gayle Sumby & Emma Wright

    Speech & Language Therapists

    Good communication skills allow us to play our part in family, education, work and community life.  Speech and Language Therapy supports people with communication difficulties to reach their potential. Some children and young people have difficulty communicating with others; they have speech, language and communication needs – often referred to as ‘Communication and Interaction’.  We offer support to people of all ages: from newborn babies to children in school, and adults at all stages of life.  As well as helping with communication we work with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties.

    Our friendly and highly skilled team of Speech and Language Therapists and Assistant Practitioners provide support in a variety of settings.  We aim to tailor our service around each individual and their needs. We work in clinics, schools, hospitals and clients’ own homes across Easington, Hartlepool and Stockton.  While most of our referrals come from GPs, hospitals, health visitors and schools, we run an open referral system. This means you can refer yourself or your child by contacting us directly.


    Gemma Scott

    Hearing Impaired Service

    When a child is unable to hear or has difficulty hearing it is more difficult for them to understand the world around them and learn new things. The Hearing Impaired Service provides support from teachers, who are specially trained in working with children who are deaf or have a significant permanent loss to hearing to help minimise the effect the hearing loss has on the child’s learning. Children with a Hearing Impairment are sometimes referred to as ‘HI’ or as having a sensory or physical difficulty.

    The service supports children and their families as soon as they are diagnosed with a hearing loss and will continue to support them until they leave school.

    The teachers will work with children and their parents/carers from as early an age as possible in:

    • Assessing a child’s hearing difficulties
    • Suggesting activities and teaching methods that will maximise a child’s listening skills and communication development.
    • Providing and supporting children in using listening aids and technical aids.
    • Working with children and their parents/carers at home and or in their school.



    Queries and Complaints

    If you have any questions, concerns or complaints, please discuss these with your child’s class teacher, Inclusion Manager, Ms Clarke or the school SENDCO, Mrs  Boagey. If you wish, you may wish to discuss your concerns further with the Head Teacher, Mrs Haylock. To make an appointment, please contact the school office on 01429 267466.