• Children are naturally curious and are encouraged from a very early age to explore and ask questions about the world around them. This is something we aim to build upon and further develop through the teaching of Science at West View. We aim to develop children’s scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through a range of exciting and stimulating lessons based on the Biology, Chemistry and Physics elements of Science. We are also keen to ensure that children are ‘future ready’, therefore we aim to develop their understanding of the importance of science in everyday life (both today and in the ever-changing future). In the Early Years, Science is taught through topics and projects linked to the world around us. Across KS1 and KS2, Science is taught through discrete weekly lessons but also through cross-curricular projects when appropriate. We aim to use a hands-on approach, incorporating exploratory learning wherever possible, carrying out at least one scientific investigation per half term. We find that the children quickly gain confidence in using and applying these skills, finding science both enjoyable and exciting. Scientific experiences are drawn from a whole range of subject areas but throughout school we also aim to follow the 5 key scientific skills in all our lessons: • Explaining Science • Classification • Designing Experiments • Data, Tables and Graphs • Making Conclusions

    science curriculum overview whole school

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