Religious Education

  • Religious Education is provided in the school within the framework of the Hartlepool Agreed Syllabus for Religious education (2020 – as recommended by the Hartlepool SACRE) in accordance with the 1944 Education Act. R.E. is an open and broad subject which explores a range of religious and non-religious world views – it is an academic subject with rigour.


    The R.E curriculum at West View is multi-faith, and recognises the place of Christianity and other principle religious in the UK – non-religious world views are also included. In accordance with the 1996 Education Act (section 375) the R.E. curriculum at West View ‘shall reflect the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian, while taking into account the teaching and practices of other principles religions represented in Great Britain’.


    We promote the tolerance of different cultures and religions, as well as mutual respect – 2 core British Values – through the teaching of R.E, and build on the moral education of our students as supported to our school’s core values. We have strong links with our local Church of England: Holy Trinity, where we hold multiple services each year.


    Parents have the right to withdraw from all or part of RE – a discussion with Mrs Haylock (Head Teacher) or Miss Furness (Deputy Head Teacher) should be had before the agreement of any withdrawal.

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