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    From Mrs Lê & Miss Johnson


    Friday 22nd May

    ☀️Happy Half Term!☀️

    It may not have been the half term we had planned or expected but well done to everybody for making it through!

    Please note the Reception FB group and Tapestry will not be monitored next week and school will be closed.

    Take a look at the pictures for some fun activities to try each day during the holidays if you are looking for things to do! Each day has a different theme, from ‘Outdoor Monday’ to ‘Animal Tuesday’ , ‘Around the World Wednesday’ to ‘Thinking Thursday’ and finishing with ‘Fun Time Friday’!

    Stay safe and we will be back in touch again on Wednesday 3rd June 

    Love Mrs Lê and Miss Johnson x


    Thursday 21st May

    Good Morning everyone!

    We are still waiting on some more fantastic portraits of you to put on our school fence. Don’t forget to send yours in so your friends can find you when they walk past the school! You can post your picture in the FB group, share via Tapestry or drop it in to the school office.

    Tomorrow is the last chance to pick up a copy of the latest Home Learning Pack or to choose a new reading book using our Book Swap boxes . Miss Johnson will also be in school calling children and parents in her class for a catch up. 

    How did you do with the Rainbow Tricky Word writing?! Check out this video and become Tricky Word detectives using kitchen roll and water! 🧐

    You are all superstars!
    Love Mrs Lê and Miss Johnson



    Wednesday 20th May

    Wow, the sun has certainly come out to play on this gorgeous Wednesday!

    This will be a great day to get out and explore shadows like suggested in our learning menu!

    If you are going for a walk out for some exercise you could also collect some natural materials to create your nature art! 🍃🍂🌸 Objects such as sticks, leaves, petals and pebbles would all work well! We’d love to see the art you create.

    Remember that this week is Mental Health Awareness week and the theme is kindness. Maybe you could write a note or draw a picture to deliver to a family member or friend to make them smile.
    If you want to send something to a friend in Reception and you’re not sure where they live, send Miss Johnson or Mrs Lê a message on Tapestry and we’ll be able to make that happen for you ☺️

    Have a lovely day, whatever it consists of!
    Stay safe!

    Tuesday 19th May

    It’s Terrific Tuesday
    What has been your favourite Home Learning Activity during lock down? What would you like to see more of? Let us know!
    We know lots of you have created beautiful rainbows in your windows to keep your neighbours smiling. Here are a few ways to practice your ‘Tricky Words’ with a rainbow theme!
    1. Ask an adult to write the Tricky Word you are practising to recognise on a piece of paper. Use all the colours of the rainbow to trace over the letters in that word – reading the word each time.
    2. Write the Tricky Words you are practising to recognise as many times as possible inside the stripes of a rainbow – saying the word out loud each time you write it.

    3. Create a grid like the one shown in the picture. Choose a colour to represent the numbers 1-6. Roll a dice and write the Tricky Word in the colour linked to the number on the dice. Don’t repeat the Tricky Word each time you write it!

    Keep shining bright Reception 😊
    Love Mrs Lê and Miss Johnson x

    Monday 18th May

    Happy Monday everyone!

    We hope you have all had a lovely weekend and would love to hear about what you got up to! Feel free to share by commenting below.

    ☎️You will have more than one reason to listen out for the phone this week. Not only is Mrs Le in school today and Miss Johnson on Friday and we can’t wait to have a chat and find out how everyone is doing but Mrs Boagey will be ringing all parents in Reception too. This is absolutely nothing to worry about 🙂 Please remember that all calls will come from unknown or withheld numbers. ☎️

    If you are looking for activities to keep busy this week, check out our new home learning menu. Remember that completing just one activity each day is enough and that if all else fails play a game or share a book! 📚
    We still have our Oxford Owl subscription-if you need a reminder of login details just ask 🙂

    Have a super week with lots of smiles!

    Monday 11th May

    Hello Reception 🙂
    We hope you enjoyed the VE Day celebrations safely this weekend and spent some lovely time in the sunshine. We are very impressed at what green fingers you all seem to have. Your carrot tops and beans are growing so fast – just like you!
    Please see the photo attached for our Learning Menu of fun activities to try this week. We hope that even just completing one a day will help to keep little minds active. Don’t forget that simply sharing stories and reading together is great too! Feel free to exchange books using the book swap at school or why not try listening in to Mrs Tidball’s daily story on the Facebook Live. 
    Following on from the Government announcement yesterday Mrs Haylock wishes to share this message;
    “Schools in Hartlepool are working with each other and the local authority to decide how best to implement the possible phased re-opening of schools as announced by the Government on 10th May 2020. We want to work across the town to make sure we make the right decisions that support our pupils, our families and our staff in conjunction with Ad Astra Trust.
    In the short term, nothing at school has changed. We remain partially open.
    We will announce local plans in the coming days and ask that you bear with us while we work through the Government’s announcements.
    Thank you”
    Take care and please stay safe.
    Love Mrs Lê and Miss Johnson x

    Monday 4th May

    It’s Monday again!
    We have another jam-packed Learning Menu of things to try out at home this week linked to our current topic – Growing!
    For the Maths activity this week we are inviting you to measure ‘Sophie’s Sunflowers’. There is a downloadable powerpoint and worksheet which has been shared in our ‘West View Reception’ Facebook Page. If you require a hard copy – you can send an email to the school admin account and they will happily print this out for you to collect on your daily walk! Alternatively you can find the resource here
    For the Literacy activity this week we have chosen another story by the author Eric Carle, called ‘The Tiny Seed’. When writing sentences about what can ‘help’ or ‘harm’ the seed, try to use your phonics and listen for the sounds you can hear – don’t worry about correct spellings unless it is one of our Tricky Words 😉
    Remember if you need help with anything at all, we are available from 9am – 3pm every day Mon-Fri 😊
    Be happy!
    Mrs Lê & Miss Johnson

    Monday 27th April

    Good morning 🙂

    We hope you all had a lovely weekend and were able to spend time enjoying the warm weather!

    It has been lovely to see so many of our ‘magic beans’ arriving in the post over the last few days. Thank you for all of your photos of the children enjoying planting these. If you don’t have pots and compost you can still plant your bean using cotton wool/kitchen roll and a see through glass, cup or pot. If you’d like help with this feel free to ask 🙂

    Mrs Le is in school today and she will be ringing the children in her class. She can’t wait to chat to you all and hear about what you have all been getting up to!

    Here is our new learning menu for this week. Feel free to choose any activities that take your interest and as always we’d love to see any photos of what you get up to. Remember that we are available to help each day and there are no silly questions!

    Stay safe x

    Monday 20th April

    Welcome back!

    Today would have been our first day back after the Easter Holidays. We hope you enjoyed eating lots of chocolate eggs and have managed to have some fun with your family.

    Our topic for Summer 1 is ‘Growing’. We have sent a special delivery in the post for you to create your own ‘Sparkly Start’ to the topic. Please be patient though as due to the current situation it may take a few days to reach you. You can also take a look at our second Home Learning Menu for this week below with lots of activity ideas for you to choose from and complete. 

    Please keep sharing all of the wonderful things that you get up to and we will provide extra challenges for those who would like them! We will be available again on Tapestry/Facebook to support Monday – Friday between 9-3 each day and will try to respond to everyone as quickly as possible.

    We are missing you all lots!
    Love Mrs Le & Miss Johnson

    Monday 30th March

    Good morning everybody!

    We hope you all had a lovely weekend whatever you got up to. At the moment the weekends feels very similar to the weekdays, don’t you think? We would love to see some of the things you got up to in order to keep you all entertained.
    Miss Johnson and her girls baked cakes and indulged in lots of shows on Netflix!

    Mrs Le is part of the skeleton staff in school today but she will be looking forward to catching up on all of your hard work when she next checks in!

    This week we are introducing our first ‘Learning Menu’ to you all.
    The idea of this menu is to provide a variety of activities that you can choose from to be completed across the whole week. You can complete them in any order and as many times as you wish. You can also adapt any of the activities where you see fit!

    We will still be on hand to provide help and support and also challenge pupils where needed.

    We can’t wait to see how you all get on!

    A special message from Mrs Haylock…

    Dear all parents and carers,
    As we begin our second week of ‘different’ schooling I thought I would drop a short message to reach as many of you as possible.

    As headteacher, balancing what’s best for your children with the welfare of my own children, I totally understand and can appreciate how difficult this week has been.

    Whether you have worked from home, home schooled, been a key worker on the front line or just enjoyed an extra week with your children at home, I hope you’re all staying safe. There is no one size fits all approach to this terrifying situation that we find ourselves in; one day may look totally different to the next, but our biggest aim is to ensure that your children still feel a part of our school community and we will offer support in any way we can.

    Your priority must be the health and safety of your family. Any ‘schooling’ or ‘education’ comes second to that and we will be the first to advise you of that. However, for those children still craving some normality and wanting to continue their learning we will continue to offer this advice;

    – as we say in school, read, read, read…reading opens the doors to so many possibilities and whether they read alone, to a sibling or listen to you read, any reading will be beneficial
    – we will continue to post challenges / check any work through online means – tapestry, dojo, class pages and seesaw
    – the work books we sent home offer alternative learning
    – a range of art, Science, PE, music links and resources have been shared on our school Facebook page and on many of our website class pages
    – activities you may do as a family are just as important, if not more so, than typical schooling; baking together, enjoying the garden or the one walk a day (whilst practising social distancing of course!), playing board games, talking, playing

    There is still a lot of uncertainty around how long these current arrangements will last for. What we do know with certainty is that the Government advice of #stayhomestaysafe is paramount and throughout this time, and when we do return to school, we will continue to support you all as we have done previously.

    If you do need anything, please do not hesitate to contact us,
    Mrs Haylock

    Dear all children,
    I hope that you have all enjoyed your extra week at home? If we were still in school, altogether, I’d be looking to do an assembly to talk through what is happening right now as I imagine a lot of you have some worries.
    Please remember that having questions and worries is perfectly normal and a lot of grown ups currently feel the same.
    We do not know how long we need to be off school for, but we do know, that for the majority of children, being at home is the best and safest thing for now to try and help stop the spread of the virus. We need to all, #stayhomestaysafe.
    All staff in school are missing you lots! If you send your teachers messages through class dojo, Tapestry or Seesaw they would love to hear from you and will try their very best to reply!
    We’d like to see what you’ve been up to so even if being at home feels different to being in school, you will still be learning – maybe you have done some measuring when you’ve baked, or learnt something about animals from your reading – share it with us and even if you don’t manage to do anything else today, please do some reading!

    It’s important that you stay fit, healthy and smiley while you’re off school so that when we do return to school we can continue to have lots of fun – please will you do that for me? I hope so!

    So for now, until we can be back in school, enjoy some extra time with your family, stay safe and enjoy whatever you get up to!

    Keep smiling,
    From Mrs Haylock








  • Home Learning

    busy bee

    Here are some useful website links to support your child’s learning at home.











  • PE


    PE is on a Thursday. Children need a white or school t shirt, black shorts and gym shoes or trainers.

    PE bags can be left on pegs ready for the sessions. They will be sent home at the end of each half term to be washed.

    Please ensure all clothing is clearly labelled.


    Physical Development involves providing opportunities for young children to be active and interactive; and to develop their co-ordination, control and movement. Children must also be helped to understand the importance of physical activity, and to make healthy choices in relation to food.

    Suggested Activities:

    • Allow your child to practice being more independent. For example, dressing themselves without help, learning to put their own coat on and fastening it up etc.
    • Play games with your child that involve taking turns e.g pair, snap, board games etc.
    • Play pretend shops using food or toys etc. from your house. Play the role of customer or shop keeper, modelling the vocabulary that these people would use in real life.
    • Do arts and craft activities that involve cutting and sticking. 
    • Make playdough together (If you Google ‘Dough Disco’ on YouTube there are lots of fun activities to do with the playdough)
    • Go on a Spring Walk – looking for signs of Spring.
    • Play outside with your child e.g throwing and catching a ball, go on a bike or a scooter ride.





  • reading book
    Reading Books

    When each child is ready, they will be allocated a reading book.

    Initially this may be a Talk About’ book with no words alongside ‘SATPIN’ sound cards that should be used to build words.
    This will progress onto a school reading book and a second ‘Reading for Pleasure’ book.

    Please ensure that all reading resources are bought to school each day.
    Levelled Books will be changed every Monday and ‘Reading for Pleasure’ books will be changed every Wednesday.

    Please attempt to read with your child a minimum of twice a week for at least 5- 10 minutes. After each read please record in your child’s reading record  in order for them to earn certificates for their hard work.

  • Tapestry

    In Early Years we record all children’s achievements on Tapestry, an online learning journal.
    Through this website/app you can see pictures and videos of the things that your child gets up to whilst in school.
    You can also upload things from home too-from an excellent attempt at homework to a day out at the park!
    Look for the logo above when downloading the app to your phone or tablet.

    If you are having problems, speak to any EY’s staff member-we are happy to help!

  • This Half Term we will be learning about …



  • Helping your child at home…


  • In our phonics lessons we learn the individual sounds that each letter makes when it is in a word.

    To the right are the sound mats showing the sounds that your child has been learning.
    If you want to practise these at home, checking that your child can identify the sound, that would be great.

    If you are unsure of any sounds our staff will be more than happy to help.












    Another way to help is to check that your child can recognise numbers from 0-20.

    Why not question them about numbers in the environment?





    Practise some pencil control with your child by drawing shapes and patterns or writing numbers or letters.


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