Reading Schemes

  • How can parents support reading at home?


    Early Years

    Children in Early Years are given the opportunity to take a book home every fortnight from the library bus to share with parents and carers.  This is a great opportunity for children to start to acquire basic book handling skills and to start to develop comprehension skills.  When your child is ready to start reading independently, we give them their first reading book. In school we use a range of books to develop children’s reading. All of our books are arranged into levelled colour bands which allow children to read books on a similar level, containing the same key range words and range of vocabulary. It also allows us to choose books which are age appropriate for your child which is also linked to the current phonics phase your child is working within.  In Early Years we use books from the Phonic Bug* scheme.

  • Key Stage One

    In Key Stage One, we build upon the experiences from Early Years. We aim to develop the children’s skills already built and allow them to progress further. We still use a range of schemes with both sight word and phonic focuses to allow us to tailor a child’s reading journey which develops their strengths and supports their weaknesses.  We believe that children need to experience a wide range of books at all levels of reading to continue to foster their interest in books and allow experience of different genres, characters, layout, font or topic.  The main schemes we use in Key Stage One include:

    • Phonic Bug*
    • Bug Club*
    • Jelly and Bean
    • Rigby Red Star


    Key Stage Two

    In Key Stage Two, children still have access to these schemes and structured books to support their reading. Children continue to read books from a range of genres; this fosters ownership of reading and encourages them to form their own opinions about books.  The main schemes we use in Key Stage Two are:

    • Bug Club*
    • Rigby Navigator
    • Oxford Tree Tops

    By the end of Key Stage Two, most children are fluent, independent readers who have strong opinions about what they choose to read. If your child is secure in reading they will be encouraged to choose books from our library. These books have a similar level of reading challenge but may be different types of text, containing a range of characters, layout, font or topic.


    * e-books for Phonic Bug and Bug Club can be accessed from home for our Y1-Y6 children. Children are provided with their own accounts and usage is tracked by teachers.  More information can be found at:


    For very enthusiastic readers, access to 250 free ebooks from Oxford Owl (now tablet-friendly) can be gained by clicking here. 

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