Online Safety

  • The following links have lots of information about how to stay safe online.  If you have any questions or are worried about anything online, talk to your teacher or a trusted adult in school.

    NSPCC       Safety Net Kids

  • Advice for Parents & Carers

    Cleveland Police are dedicated to promoting safer internet use and protecting people from becoming victims of cyber crime.  Their Online Safety advice leaflet is available here. Technology is advancing at such a pace that many people feel left behind because they don’t have the knowledge. Children are growing up in this technological world and from young ages they are using technology and social media which many parents feel they cannot begin to understand.  Parents may worry if they don’t know what their child is doing online and they may not know where to look for help.  The good news is that parents don’t need to be IT experts in order to help keep their children safe from cyber criminals, all you have to do is… 

    • Keep your computer software up to date
    • Use antivirus software
    • Set parental controls on devices
    • Talk to your child about cyber crime including cyber bullying and sexting
    • Be supportive and interested in your child’s online activities
    • Make sure your child knows their options if they are suffering any type of cyber crime
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  • How can we keep children safe online?
    10 top tips to keep children safe online



  • Age Restrictions for Social Media Sites 


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