• We aim to encourage an enjoyment and understanding of music.  Our pupils are encouraged to make their own music with both bought and handmade instruments.  They also learn to compose, edit and print their own music using ICT.

    Singing is an integral part of our day. We sing a variety of modern and traditional hymns in assemblies from a range of sources including Out of the Ark. We have a wide selection of tuned and untuned percussion instruments to accompany music work.  Key Stage 2 children in school benefit from being given the opportunity to be part of a choir (Glee Club) which performs at annual festivals and local events. This allows the children to sing and perform with other children from neighbouring primary and secondary schools: it is an excellent enrichment experience.

    For a number of years, expert provision has been provided by local organisations such as Tees Valley Music Service and Distant Drumming in the form of whole class tuition and live musical performances.  Various instruments have been taught such as ukulele, guitar, Taiko drumming, marching band drums and recorder. 

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