• Below you’ll find our Long Term Plans for Maths.

  • Our aim in mathematics is to give children the confidence to use number and language effectively, and to develop their skills to reason and solve everyday problems. Children learn by doing so we try to adopt a practical approach whenever possible. As they progress through the school, children are taught formal methods to help them with arithmetic.  All of our children are taught the programmes of study set out in the National Curriculum for mathematics which include:

    • Using and applying maths (reasoning and problem-solving)
    • Number and algebra
    • Geometry
    • Statistics

    Teachers make use of 2 published mathematics schemes in school: White Rose materials have been used since September 2016 to redesign our maths curriculum. They have helped teachers to focus their attention on building children’s fluency, reasoning and problems-solving skills. Details of the scheme can be found at: Maths is designed to develop mental arithmetic skills as well as written methods. It is supported by various resources, games and equipment. 

    Feel free to have a look at Tim’s Teaching Tools. Its full of great maths resources.