• Our aims in Geography are to broaden children’s knowledge and experiences of the world in which they live, and to give them an idea of how human and physical geography have influenced and shaped present-day life. We want our pupils to know about where they live in relation to the rest of the country, the UK and the world. Whenever we learn about somewhere beyond Hartlepool, we want our pupils to know how it relates back to their own locality. We want to encourage our pupils to develop a positive view of their locality and their town, and be proud of where they are from. Through geography, our pupils will learn about the diversity of the region and gain an understanding of why the coast can be a brilliant place to live. We will endeavour to develop their geographical skills through real-life experiences whenever it is feasible to do so.

    We begin from the child’s own experiences at home, in their family and at school. This is followed by the study of local areas and often includes out of school visits. We are in an ideal region for the study of local history and geographical features because of easy access to castles, cathedrals, coastlines and early settlements. We use DVDs, photographs, models and artefacts from museums and libraries to further support our work. 

    The curriculum places particular emphasis on learning and understanding key topographical vocabulary which is something we are embracing at West View. Each classroom displays key vocabulary which is linked to the key human and physical features of an area the children are studying.

    We hope that our pupils will become enthusiastic geographers and will enjoy the many opportunities provided to explore locations, develop their geographical skills and improve their understanding of both human and physical geography.

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