Star Family System

  • Which family will win for Autumn 1?





    Alpha Centauri


    Head of Family

    C Haylock

    L Furness

    N Boagey

    M Clarke

    S McIntosh


    R Evans

    P Liddell

    N Godon

    R Johnson

    L Cuthbert


    S Armstrong

    M Crawford

    K Allen

    L Wears

    A Chaffey


    R Huntley

    K Taylor

    K Tailford

    L Sedgwick

    S Campbell


    C Donkin

    J Price

    D Tidball

    R Le

    S Irvine

      D Dunn

    D Palmer

    R Robinson

    M Wright

    R Martin
      S Robinson

    L Hill

    M Smith

    S Carter

    K Davidson

      A Mathieson

    J Robinson

    D Klincke

    M Byers

    L Dance

      J Branson

    J Armstrong

    S Gaffney

    L Wilkinson

    Z Pettifer

      S McIlveen

    L Etheridge

    S Stokell

    E Taylor

    N Robinson

      Z Watson

    C Griffin

    D McAleer

    L Smith

    J Smyth


    I Bryson

    P Cordock

    D Borthwick

    L Brown

    M Nixon

    S Horton


        L Haughey  



    Family Captains

    Mia R Rose P Connie R Mollie H Ava L
      Alfie A Charlie B Lucas W Josh F Corey H
  • West View's Star Family System

    At the start of the 2017-2018 academic year, West View launched its new ‘Family System’. The staff and children agreed that our families should be named after stars, linking to the name of our Trust: ‘Ad Astra Academy Trust’ (Ad Astra meaning ‘to the stars’).  Subsequently, it was voted for by the children that our families be named:

    • Sirius
    • Vega
    • Capella
    • Alpha Centauri
    • Betelgeuse

    Children are awarded ‘stars’ for their achievements and every 10 stars equate to 1 token for their family. Tokens are collected weekly and shared in celebration assemblies. Each half term, the tokens are counted up and the Family Trophy can be kept by that family for the following half term. The family with the most tokens at the end of the year will be treated to a family event!

  • Aims and purpose

    At West View Primary School, all children (starting from when they enter nursery or school), teachers and non-teaching staff are placed in a vertical family system which enables us to have a point scheme whereby children earn points for the following:


    • Sporting achievement
    • Positive behaviour and attitude to learning  
    • Achievement and progress
    • Working towards the West View core values (determination, honesty, passion, respect, self-belief and teamwork)
  • All children, teachers, teaching assistants, administrators and site staff are placed in a family(with siblings being kept in the same school family), including the Senior Leadership Team who serve as ‘Head of Family’, and remain a member of this family throughout their time at West View. 

    West View’s family system encourages a structure whereby older children and younger children can work together, alongside staff, to create a mutually beneficial environment to facilitate growth and learning.

    With an emphasis on teamwork and collaborative learning, the family system gives children throughout school the opportunity to make positive contributions to their school community. Through developing pride, involvement and participation, children are able to gain high levels of self-esteem and become well rounded individuals with a real sense of belonging.

  • Outcomes:

    • A strong school community that all students and staff feel they actively belong to and contribute to.
    • Development of true role models within the school community (across different year groups and staff).
    • Recognition of children’s achievements, in all aspects of school life (i.e. the classroom and beyond).
    • Well-developed sense of belonging and involvement through participation in healthy competition (across all areas).
    • Recognition and reward for extra-curricular activities, community work or charity contributions.
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