School Council

  • The school council at West View Primary School is the voice of the children. They strive to make a difference within school and throughout the community.  Each year, new children are given the opportunity to be nominated for a place on the school council. In true democratic style, members are voted for by their peers, and must prove themselves to be a reliable representative for their class and for the school.  The school council is made up of 2 representatives from each year group, 1 female and 1 male. During their meetings, the council bring forward any matters that may have arisen throughout the school and discuss potential projects for the future.

    List of school councillors

    Y1 Ava Leigh and Romeo

    Y2 Declan and Leigha

    Y3 Mollie and Charlie

    Y4 Kira and Lennon

    Y5 Rhys and Leah

    Y6 Karlie and Cameron

  • School Council Meetings

    Last meeting - Monday 6th November
  • School Council Meeting Agenda

      • Register
      • School Council Forum meeting @ West View – 2.10.17 – Feedback
      • School Action Plan
      • SC members to take back to class to discuss
      • Anti-Bullying/Friendship week 13th – 17th November
      • Special table – How can we improve it?



  • Fundraising & Events

  • Children In Need

    13th November - 17th November
  • The Children In Need 'Pudsey Games' will be happening throughout the week in order to raise funds for the charity. A visit from Pudsey on Tuesday and non-uniform on Thursday will also be part of the weeks fundraising antics!