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  • West View Primary School

    Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit West View Primary School’s website. Our new website aims to give you a flavour of the exciting and engaging curriculum we deliver to all of our pupils in our inclusive school. In addition to this you will find important information related to our provision.
    Meet the Team
  • About Us

    The school has received a rating of good from their last Ofsted inspection which was carried out in September 2017. Some extracts from the report are:

    “The hard work you and your staff put into creating a nurturing, friendly and caring school is paying dividends.”

    “Pupils develop good learning behaviours, and they demonstrate caring and tolerant attitudes and their confidence flourishes.”

    Ofsted Report
  • West View Star Families

    West View Primary School now have a new, whole school, family system. Our five families are all named after stars; Sirius, Vega, Capella, Alpha Centauri and Betelguese. Remember to reach for the stars!

    More Info
  • West View Primary School is part of Ad Astra Academy Trust. For more information regarding the trust including governance information please visit the trust website here. 

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