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    Friday 3rd April Break up for Easter

    Monday 20th April Children return to school after Easter

    Friday 8th May Bank holiday

    Friday 22nd May Finish for Half Term

    Wednesday 3rd June Children return to school

    Wednesday 3rd June Eid celebrations

    Friday 5th June Class photos

    Monday 6th July Trust PD day- school closed

    Friday 17th July- Finish for the summer













  • This half term


    This half term we are learning all about things that grow. We are going to read some lovely stories for this topic, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

    Each week we are going to read a different story, uploaded on to Tapestry and our Facebook group. Along side our stories for this topic we are going to upload an ‘Activity Menu’ based around the stories. Please feel free to pick and choose activities from the ‘menu’ that you and your child would like to complete.

    Paper copies of these ‘menu’s are available in our school reception if you would prefer a hard copy. It would be lovely to see any photos that you take, whether these are linked to our topic or something else that you do at home. 

    Here is our first ‘Activity menu’ based on the book ‘ How to grow a sunflower’. 

    How to grow a Sunflower (1)

    Week 2 ‘Activity menu’ based on the book ‘ Supertato’. 

    Supertato (1)

    Week 3 ‘activity menu’ based on the book Jack and the Beanstalk 

    Jack and the Beanstalk

    Week 4 ‘activity menu’ based on the book Oliver’s Vegetables

    Olivers Vegetables

    Week 5 ‘activity menu’ based on the book The Tiny Seed

    The tiny seed menu

    Week 6 ‘ activity menu’ based on the book Jasper’s Beanstalk. 

    Jasper’s Beanstalk (1)


    Here are some links to some of the lovely stories we will be looking at this half term


    Jack and the Beanstalk 

    Oliver’s Vegetables 

    The Tiny Seed 

    Jasper’s Beanstalk 

  • Opening times

     Morning session 8:40-11:40 am

    Afternoon Session 12:10-3:10 pm


     A small bag is needed for Pre-Nursery for any
    essentials your child might need.

    Nappies, wipes, cream, spare pants and clothes
    for any little accidents.

    Sometimes spare clothes are needed when
    children get wet, muddy and full of paint.

    We love being messy in Pre-Nursery! 


  • Helping your child at home:

    Read Together

    Sing Together

    Talk Together

    Play Together

    Encourage Independence

  •  Just for now……

    During these strange times, some of us need a little structure to help us in our daily rotuines. Especially our little ones when they have to stay in or when there are changes to their usaul routines. Take a look at these for some ideas, hope they help!

  • Some other useful links

     Dough Disco

     Shonette Bason Wood will be doing live dough disco sessions on weekdays @ 9:30 on Facebook and Instagram- tune in to join in!


    Squiggle while you Wiggle- Children can practise their mark making skills.





  • Fun in Pre-Nursery

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